2013-2017 Crosstrek RS-R Best*i Jouge Coilover

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Best☆i Jouge is the new coilover designed to provide stable driving on both off and on road situations by providing enough shock travel when the ride height is raised


This product can be overhauled as all parts are purely made in Japan and assembled in the RS-R factory. 


・Damping force adjustment





The Best*i damper includes 36-way damping force adjustment for both  front and rear coilovers. Damping force can be adjusted between hard  and soft giving the driver the choice between performance or ride  comfort.

・Mono-tube internal piston





The mono-tube piston reduces intial harshness due to its unique design.The steel body has an internal diameter of 40mm which is utilized for  increasing oil capacity and improving heat dissipation. (Strut type  vehicles have an internal diameter of 46mm)

・Full-length adjustable





The Best*i is designed based on the basic concept that enough stroke will  largely influence drivability and ride comfort. It's designed so that it   will not change the amount of stroke when the car is raised, enabling you   to maintain stability during cornering. 






As a result of carrying out various heat resistance tests, RS-R have been   able to develop their own original oil which is highly heat resistant and   able to generate a stable damping force in any temperature.

・The Ti2000 spring





The Best*i uses TMC's best selling coil spring 'Ti2000' which is an extremely lightweight and durable spring. 

・Upper mount





The Best*i coilover kit uses the combination of an aluminum upper plate  and a rubber bush upper mount. The pillow ball upper mount gives  quicker steering response and sharper cornering whereas the rubber  bush  upper mount gives a more comfortable and quieter ride. The Best*i   also utilizes a rubber mount with ball bearings for strut type vehicles to   improve steering response.


Compatibility: 2018+ Subaru Crosstrek
Chassis code: GT7

Preset Approximate Height From RS-R:
Front +10mm to +5mm (+0.4in to +0.2in)
Rear +10mm to +5mm (+0.4in to +0.2in)

Maximum Adjustment Ranges:
Front +50mm to -45mm (+2.0in to -1.8in)
Rear +75mm to -55mm (+3.0in to -2.2in)

Recommended Adjustments for Optimal Ride-ability:
Front +40mm to -25mm (+1.6in to -1.0in)
Rear +40mm to -25mm (+1.6in to -1.0in)

Spring Rates:
Front 6.00kg/mm
Rear 5.00kg/mm

Take complete control over your desired lift height!! Anything from stock height to a maximum of 2" front and 3" rear are possible (you can even lower the car up -1.0, though not sure why you would want to). An all in one coilover solution that allows end user adjustment of height, and equally important matched spring and damper combination right out of the box! 


I would highly recommend purchasers of the kit that intend to raise their vehicle much further that 0.5" to invest in geometry correction kit offered here: Primitive PRSS


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