Flashlanding Glide Drawer System

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Built by passionate drivers to carry whatever life throws at you. 

Convenient & Secure: Gain quick access to the gear you need, when you need it - no need to unpack/re-pack your totes, just to get something from your kit. It also locks, for added security.

Durable: Molded from high-strength GRANITE XLP™, the drawer system is built to serve you for the long haul. Always dependable, no matter what you throw at it.

Designed to Fit: Our system fits most SUVs & hatchbacks, even smaller models such as: Sportage, RAV4, Crosstrek, and CRV. The angled pitch of the drawers enable the system to fit perfectly behind your rear seats. New car? Take it with you!

Customize for Your Needs: The drawer system is fully modular, so you can easily remove, stack, and/or store the drawers when you need the extra space in your vehicle.

Lightweight: Weighing under 55 pounds for the entire system, it can carry a full load without weighing you down. 

Made in the USA: Proudly designed and built in California, we back our products with a 3 year, free replacement warranty.